Creative that inspires before the box is even opened.

Tiger Radler
Brown Brothers Moscato
Daintree Estates Chocolate Packaging
Capilano Single Origin Honey
Cougar Bourbon
Mad Goose
Lindt & Sprüngli Easter Range
ETA Ripples packaging range illustrated by Daron Parton.
Reviving Ripples – Kiwi’s Favorite Chip
Stevie Mahardhika's charming illustration of a tiger pilot flying a plane for Heinz Little Kids Snacks.
Heinz – Little Kids Snacks
The New Face of John West
Delisio Chips – A Flavorful Journey
Close up of botanical illustrations for English Heritage Gin by Zoe Gillett
English Heritage Gin- Lush Botanicals
Purex Rolly illustration for Tissue packaging.
Rolly to The Rescue! Pack
Grove Botanical Fruit Illustrations
Handwritten typography wine label designed by Jo Tronc for Untitled Wines.
Untitled Wines
Freedom Foods – Brekky Heroes
Peters Ice-cream – Undead Delight
New Rosie brand featuring Jo Tronc's lush foliage illustration and creative lettering.
Rosie Spritz – Sophisticated Abstract Botanical’s
NESTLÉ – Milkybar Splash
Nozomi Yuasa's watercolour illustration work for Bobbi Brown's Crushed Liquid Lips cosmetic range.
Bobbi Brown – Crushed Liquid Lips
Crop of vibrant tiger illustration with berries, crafted by artist Gee Hale for Round Theory's distinctive wine label packaging.
Round Theory – Eco Elegance
Flings Toaster Pastries
Yellowtail reserve
Packaging illustration for the Ecology and Co zero alcohol brand by Zoe Gillett
Ecology + Co
Friendship Sake Lable
Snowdon Party Cups
Watercolour and line illustrations for Coles Pickled Deli Packaging Range.
Coles Pickles Deli Range.
Illustration for V energy Drink 21ST Birthday Shoutout beverage brand by Gee Hale
V Energy- 21
Illustration for Huntsman Cloudy Wheat Beer beverage brand by Gee Hale
Huntsman Cloudy Wheat Beer
Illustration for V energy Drink Kaboom flavour beverage brand by Gee Hale
V Energy- Kaboom!
Nature’s Palette – Stoneleigh Lighter Wine
Perched Wines
Crop of Eta Crunches Sour Cream & Chives packaging, illustration by Daron Parton.
ETA Crunches
Printed chocolates and box packaging showcasing Nozomi Yuasa's creative illustrations, designed for the Rihga Royal Hotel Valentine Collection.
Rihga Royal Hotel’s – Valentine’s Chocolates
Crafters Union
The Group Wines
Close-up of Stevie Mahardhika's illustration featuring a crocodile holding a straw.
Pauls Animal Dairy Packaging
H-E-B Creamy Creations – Ice Cream
Kelp Party
Unique floral packaging illustration crafted by Nozomi Yuasa for Neals' Yard's herbal tea product line.
Botanical Tea Time
Photograph of Lindauer Brut Cuvée Wine featuring packaging illustration by Jo Tronc.
Lindauer Brut Vintage Series
Photograph featuring Twinings ASHA Sleep Time tea, with packaging illustrated by Jo Tronc.
Twinings Asha Tea
Sip Sangria's bottle packaging illustrated by Simon Shaw.
SIP NZ Sangria
Packaging illustration for the C.A.N (Create Action Now) beverage brand by Loryn Engelsman.
C.A.N – Create. Action. Now
Illustration of cherry by Phillip Small.
All Natural Plant Extracts
Copper Kettle Artisan Chips
New Zealand Honey
Health Basics – Ethereal Body Wash
Illustration by Blair Sayer for 'The Ridgey Didge' Drover's packaging, a product in JC's Sesh Snack range.
JC’s Sesh Snacks – Humorous Packaging
Close-up image detailing a portion of the Liberty Brewing brand refresh, illustrated by Blair Sayer.
Liberty Brewing – Bold New Identity
Black and white woodcut-style illustration by Blair Sayer featuring a butcher riding a bike with a giant salami.
Hans Brand Identity
Barker’s – Fruit for Cheese
Close-up of a Kangaroo's face rendered in a colour pencil style. Illustrated by Anton Petrov.
Cadbury Furry Friends
Beelgara Wine – At Large
Final Fantasy 14 – The Prisoner Wine
Graphic, vibrant stylised illustrations of New Zealand Flora and Fauna for Burgen Bread packaging, by Jo Tronc
Mermaid and Unicorn Cones
Emerson’s Packaging Rebrand
Hand rendered illustrations for Tip Top Popsicle Range packaging, by Jo Tronc
TipTop Popsicle
First Catch

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