WMC journal wins gold at Pride in Print

Each year, the team at Watermark Creative showcase our passion for visual story-telling via a piece of brand collateral. This year we explored the concept of curiosity and rebellion and how it is an integral part of being a creative. The idea was brought to life as a beautiful journal, which was recently awarded GOLD at the Pride in Print awards.

The team were given an open brief to craft artwork that would bring revelation through intelligent visual metaphors. Our inboxes, feeds and walls are all inundated with shallow imagery that can be disposable and fleeting, so the artwork created for the journal had to be memorable and thought provoking.

The printing process was a key part of the creative as we had to ensure that we carefully selected the appropriate techniques to best tell the story for each artwork. Since we were exploring both old and new printing techniques, we encountered a number of technical challenges that we had to problem-solve as a team.


The exposed binding was a technical feat – the journal was split into 13 individual sections, so the artwork on the spine needed careful planning and consideration so they would match perfectly when bound.



The result is a sensorial feast, including techniques such as digital raised ink and delicate spot glosses, complex paper engineering and a companion app and we are delighted that it won a gold award for publications at the Pride in Print awards.



The concept of curiosity and rebellion has been carefully woven throughout the design, from the intrigue generated by the simple black outer box, through to the reveal of the journal. The unboxing is in itself a nostalgic experience that references the lifting of an old school desk to see the rebellious mark making under the wooden lid – scratching beneath the surface.


A companion app featuring custom emojis was developed to accompany the journal.



We would like to extend a massive thanks to Studio Q and designer Bettina Way for the amazing collaboration and for the love sweat and tears you’ve put into this to make it all happen – you guys rock!

Design Directors
David Way
Dean Proudfoot
Phillip Small


Shannon Jahnel Lanktree
Daron Parton
Anton Petrov
Dave Follett
Joseph Qiuv
Samuel Sakaria
Jo Tronc
Courtney Hopkinson
Pawel Zawislak
Gee Hale
Dede Putra
Blair Sayer