Watermark Creative welcomes Beck Wheeler back to the family

When we received word that award winning artist Beck Wheeler was coming back into the Watermark Creative family, there were more than a few happy dance gifs and party popper emojis exchanged.


I never stopped creating illustrations during my time away,” says Beck, who took time out to focus on writing and illustrating children’s books, while raising her son Jacob, who is now two. “But I did stop doing client based work. I actually found that I missed working with clients and bringing someone else’s vision to life.”


One of a range of cereal packs Beck illustrated for Hubbards


One of the things that drew Beck back to the commercial world of illustration is her joy of problem solving; being involved in a project that evolves from a spark of an idea into a well crafted piece of visual communication.


“I see illustrations as visual language, a way of crafting visual stories. And the bonus of working in a team is that you get to bounce ideas around – which then helps the project/story to evolve.”


During her time away, Beck focused on crafting her writing and refining some manuscripts, and has set herself a lofty goal – to release a book a year for the next few years, the first of which is coming out in April 2019. We’re super excited to grab a copy of Beck’s first book and take a peek at those colourful, quirky illustrations she is so well known for.


We asked Beck what’s inspiring her creatively at the moment and what her forecast is for 2019’s creative trends.


Inspired by simple shapes and the beauty of nature

“I like simple graphics that can be read in different ways. How a triangle, placed in a certain way, can become a mountain or a tent or a hat.


I get most of my creative inspiration from nature, which I find when I’m outdoors, gardening, or on the beach and like developing my own style through pushing the boundaries of what I’ve done before. Each job is a journey that you go on with a client. And seeing where that journey will take you is always the most exciting part.


I’m lucky to have some really inspiring friends. Seeing how other people develop and refine their crafts is inspiring. I love seeing what Cinzah is doing with his Sea Walls project. http://www.cinzah.com/ taking art around the world and using art to create murals that raise awareness of environmental issues.


‘Shake it off’ by Beck Wheeler – one of a set of abstract characters created by combining simple shapes



An appreciation for locally made, artisan crafts

“I think people are getting more interested in hand crafted, locally made things. That trend starts at produce (like farmers markets), but it also extends out to arts and crafts. I’ve seen a real resurgence in people wanting to buy locally made ceramics, or locally made furniture.


Traditional crafts like ceramics and blacksmithing are having a real come back as people want to see the mark of the maker in the things they buy. The way this filters through to illustration is that people want to see more hand crafted images. – they want to know that it was made by a person and not a machine.


I think that is where my style appeals to people. I always draw everything before taking onto the computer and I try to keep that hand crafted look right through to the finished illustration.”


Hand crafted pepper grinders by Beck Wheeler


We’re so glad to have you back Beck! To see more of Beck’s unique artwork, check out her Watermark Creative profile page or her Instagram page @beck_wheeler.