Watermark Creative to speak at Best of the Best

The Best Design Awards are a major feature of the New Zealand design calendar and some of last year’s winners (including us!) are touring the country to offer first-hand insights into their projects.


Watermark Creative’s Nick Harris and Shannon Jahnel Lanktree are honoured to be speaking about the Starship Children’s Hospital installation with our partners Rush Digital. The talks will tour Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington and kick off on May 1. 


Head to the Best Awards Events page to purchase tickets (here are the direct links to our talks: Auckland1 Graphics and Wellington). 


“I’m super proud that Watermark Creative has been invited to do the talk along with Rush,” says Shannon. “The fact that we won multiple awards for the project was awesome, but actually getting to talk more about how we helped bring it to life is a great opportunity.”


Shannon and Nick will be sharing how the collaboration between professionals with different skill sets worked beautifully to solve creative and technical challenges, and how user experience informed the solutions from the outset. 


“We will describe the unique creative freedom we had in helping to define the visual story and world for each experience,” explains Nick. “We will also provide details of how we achieved an outstanding end result by collaborating with developers and stakeholders, and through user testing.”


For a quick refreshers on the project, head to the portfolio page.

Part of the Starship Children’s Hospital ‘animal check-ups’ wall


While the project was completed some time ago, it still holds a very special place in the hearts and minds of those who worked on it. 


“I was a new Dad as we began the project, so it was quite moving to be able to give something back to Starship Children’s Hospital,” recalls Nick. “Sick or injured children can find the experience of admission bewildering and the project helped both parents and children understand the process, and maintain a sense of calm.”


The Magic Forrest


From a creative perspective this was something of a dream project for the Watermark Creative team. A design strategy had been written, and we were brought in to help establish the artistic direction very early on in the process. This means a lot of ‘us’ comes through in the end result- philosophically, aesthetically and in the humour. 


“It was a real pleasure to develop a rapport with the team at Rush,” says Nick. “The developers interpreted and responded to my creative suggestions with aplomb, and often were able to provide further ideas that vastly improved the end result.”