Timo Lenton

Timo Lenton is a design chameleon. An animator, compositor and 3D artist with a perfect blend of graphic and technical skills, he transitions seamlessly between interactive and moving images.

He’s a seasoned veteran, having studied graphic design and animation back when iMacs were made from brightly coloured plastic. While he loves walking on the creative side, he’s also a maths boffin who loves learning about mathematical discoveries and trying to implement them into new projects.


Favourite projects include recent jobs for Tip Tip ice creams, as well as a past project working on the movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ where he honed his post production skills. He’s been described as a super chilled dude to work with, who’s also on point when it comes to time and project management.

Artist:  Timo Lenton

Email:  [email protected]

Telephone:  +64 22 044 3350‬