A big kid at heart, Stevie relishes the opportunity to draw for children’s books with a focus on animal characters and adventure stories. He gives full credit to his older brother whose drawings he copied whilst growing up. Respect for those stays close to home.

Stevie says fellow illustrator, Anton Petrov, has been a constant source of inspiration over the years as he develops and evolves his own personal style. While finding his definitive look, his illustrative versatility has already proved useful.


Stevie’s efforts to illustrate a “Last Minute Guide to Birth”, was one such project that he describes as “quite informative” – he was a bachelor at the time. Enjoying his solitude sits high on Stevie’s agenda as does lazy book reading on grassy patches. He bought children’s classic “The Wind on the Willows” as a vintage hard cover for the pictures only to be surprisingly taken in by the Kenneth Grahame’s storytelling. The films- ‘Kiseki’ (I Wish), My Neighbour, Totoro and Ernest & Celestine offer sublime consistency to Stevie’s family focused and nurturing character.

Artist:  Stevie Mahardhika

Email:  [email protected]

Mobile:  +64 21 048 8173


"Stevie brings energy, fun and a huge dose of professional expertise to his work. He always researches the topic thoroughly, is quick to take suggestions on board and presents each stage of a project to the highest standards. He is a pleasure to work with."

Lynette Evans | Publishing Manager ~ Scholastic New Zealand