Triple-chocolate laced with ribbons of fudge topped with chocolate sprinkles, is Shannon Lanktree’s top ice-cream pick. Layers of flavour seem in keeping with a self-confessed beach bum who lists mountain biking, skating and video games as recreational choices.

Add Ukulele playing and a possible motorbike license to the picture, and you have the portrait of someone who might tell a good story. And that’s in fact right on the mark.


Shannon’s first drawing was of Clifford the Big Red Dog. She was drawn to the intensity of red, a colour with an inherent energy – the same energy that plays out in her work. Shannon’s illustration has a strong storytelling focus influenced by contemporary Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, Brad Downey and Slinkachu. An illustrator with an open heart and a spirit for adventure, Shannon enjoys conceiving narratives and creating landscapes for characters, working in close collaboration with clients to help them craft their brand journeys.

Artist: Shannon Jahnel Lanktree


Telephone:  +64 9 300 7182

Mobile:  +64 27 222 7220