Samantha Asri’s first drawing was a caterpillar, a telling visual metaphor for a young artist who is acutely aware of her personal journey. Early on she took oil painting lessons and life drawing classes, experiences that now play out in her work.

Today Samantha’s forte is manga, a style which drives her male forms and is dominant throughout her work. Inspired by Araki Hirohiko, Samantha’s film and literature choices are on brief. Japanese animation ‘Spirited Away’ and science-fiction action film ‘Deadpool’ sit alongside the fictional work ‘Drawing Blood’ by New Orleans trans-gender author, Poppy Z. Brite.


Samantha’s self-published comic, ‘Night & Day’ and illustrations produced for the 2012 LYC (Love Your Condom) ‘Get it On’ campaign are her most memorable work. Smaller unpaid but highly personal projects have included a creative collaboration on a fan book for the infamous ‘Jojo’s Bizaare Adventure.’ (FC) Pragmatic, open and commercially proactive, Samantha derives satisfaction from fulfilling client goals and achieving their vision. When she remembers to relax she is likely to be hiding under her duvet with a tub of Rocky Road ice-cream.

Artist:  Samantha Asri

Email:  [email protected]

Telephone: +61 2 9380 6988


"Each time I've commissioned her, Samantha has been professional, reliable and on time with each stage of the artwork. She has always paid close attention to the artwork briefs, and has interpreted them with skill and sensitivity.”

Jarrah Moore | Cengage AUS