Reach for the Stars with Popsicle

Client: Tip Top
Agency: Cowan Auckland


Recent research had shown the well-known ice block range Popsicle had lost its ‘cool’ factor with the youth market. So, to refresh the brand and reconnect with the target market the packaging was redesigned across the range.

The new designs reflect the new message ‘Reach for the Stars’, which encourages kids to be the best they can in a positive, vibrant and cool way. Popsicle wants to help build self-esteem with kids - build confidence, personal growth, achievement and respect from others, which will reflect positively into the brand. – Jo


The new Popsicle brand ‘personality’ is someone cool yet inclusive, who thinks big and makes stuff happen. The illustrations were to reflect positive energy and be fun, uplifting and relevant to kids.


The colours and content of Jo’s illustrations correlate with the relevant Popsicle product and its name. For example Traffic Lights features imagery based around traffic lights and is illustrated in green, red and orange hues.
Likewise, Lemonade Zing is illustrated in cool blues and whites with lots of stars, zings, and zaps to generate an energetic feel.


The concept for the Slushy Cup was based around a swirling tornado storm of icy goodness. Clouds and lightning bolts are the main feature, but there’s also a tornado that has picked up random elements such as Dorothy’s house (from the Wizard of Oz), cupcakes, a bi-plane trying its luck, hot air balloons and flying monkeys.

As you can imagine this was a fun, inspiring and wonderfully creative project to work on! – Jo