Proud & Punch

According to scientists, our urge for sweet tastes is a biological preference developed in fruit eating primates that was programmed to ensure survival. Biology or not, there’s nothing like a frosty, sweet treat on a hot, dusty day to put a zing in your step.


Illustrator Phill Small was approached by The Key Branding to create imagery for the new Proud & Punch packaging for Peters. Proud & Punch is a range of delicious frozen treats that use fresh ingredients and flavours that really pack a punch. Even better, they have no artificial flavours or sugars and many people are already raving about how delighted they are to be able to wrap their lips around this healthier alternative.


The brief required an illustration that would immediately signal the flavour explosion within the packaging. With delectable variant names such as Turn Up The Beet and It Takes Two to Mango, and zingy ingredients including finger limes and blood orange, the illustrations would have a lot to live up to.

When I got the call about this project, recalls Phill, my immediate reaction was WOW! I’ve created a fair few watercolour illustrations for clients over the years, but this is surely the cherry on the top. Having grown up on a nature reserve with keen ornithologists for parents, getting to paint a series of luscious illustrations full of Australian flora and fauna was a dream come true.

Phill created layers of delicious fruit and lush foliage with a splash of native Australian wildlife to represent the taste -gasm waiting inside. The colourful packaging really pokes you in the eyeballs and you may find yourself wiping away the drool as you open the frosty freezer to grab a pack on your next supermarket visit.


The team at Peters has been incredibly happy with the finished product and couldn’t have asked for a more mouth-watering outcome.

I hope you’re ‘proud’ of the work you’ve done for this project, said Jess Virgin, Assistant Brand Manager at Peters. We still think the illustrations are one of the best elements of the brand!