Wild Valley

Phill Small was asked to capture the essence of Stoneleigh Vineyard’s wild environment for Wild Valley Pinot Noir, a rich drop bursting with strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries and dark cherry notes. The Stoneleigh Vineyard floor is studded with precious stones which were once the bed of an ancient river. Known by the winemakers as ‘sunstones’, they help to give the wine its unique flavour.


Phill’s lush graphics depict the ancient primordial forest with its underlay of moss-covered river boulders, and the subtle berry flavours of the wine. Warm rays of sunshine radiate across the artwork, illuminating the bottle and the verdant foliage behind it. Native birds watch the berries hungrily, waiting for a chance to nab a juicy cherry or blackberry.


Working to a tight deadline, Phill quickly immersed himself in the world of the Stoneleigh Vineyard by researching the flora and fauna of the area online and taking a trip to the fernery at the Botanic Gardens.  It’s easy to imagine yourself slowly sipping this wine as the rushing river bubbles past and the birds chirp above you.


‘It’s all looking incredible. Thanks for the huge effort with this!’
Nick McFarlane, Design Director, Raydar.









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