Wattie’s – We’re bringing back the toastie campaign

When asked to illustrate a series of billboards for Watties that would help to ‘bring back the toastie’, Dave Follett wasted no time dusting off his jaffle maker, filling it with a generous pile of saucy beans.


‘The best part of eating a hot toastie, or jaffle as I know them, is that first bite into the crunchy, buttery toast,’ says Dave. ‘AND having the hot gooey insides ooze out.’


The campaign was designed to capture the mood and experience of the toastie moment, and inspire people to race home and make a hot toastie immediately (with Watties Baked Beans and Spaghetti of course).


‘There was a huge amount of trust from the client and agency which was super important for this job as the deadline was so tight,’ explains Dave, who had just two weeks to complete the images along with Blair Sayer, who added his magic at the colouring stage.


‘I’ve been a big fan of Watermark for years, and on this particular project they really outdid themselves. As a creative, there’s always that nervous/excited feeling when you see your work on a billboard for the first time, and when I saw the campaign up large I was well chuffed. More importantly, the client was too.’

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