VW Amarok – Best Ute of 2018

The VW Amarok launched in 2010 and was the first pick up truck designed by Volkswagon. That year it set itself up as a key player in the off-road market by becoming a vital support vehicle in the 2010 Dakar Rally.


In February 2011, it received 5 stars from the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP). The Amarok went on to receive numerous other awards including Ute of the Year in the 2018 New Zealand Automobile Association’s AA Driven Car of the Year, against the Ford Ranger and Mercedes X-Class utes. It was the second year that the Amarok had taken out this award, and the only pick-up to receive the award for a second time.


Dede Putra was briefed by advertising agency DDB NZ to create a series of illustrations to enable VW to celebrate the win through outdoor advertising and social media. The humorous¬† ink style images include a grizzly bear pitted against a teddy bear and were designed to showcase the ute’s superior features and power through exaggerated comparisons. They were accompanied by the tagline ‘Saying they’re the same is like saying every ute is the same’.


Dede used Adobe Photoshop for his initial sketches and for the final ink drawing process as it allows him to do rapid prototyping of the concept and to easily modify the final drawing if there are any revisions. His impressive illustrations capture the ute’s power and precision through detailed linework, and draw the viewer into the scene through the use of texture, white space and shadowing.









Art Direction
Josep Jover


Jacob Newton


Dede Putra


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