Lee Winston, an Auckland based winemaker, decided to launch a new range that would really disrupt the category – to challenge the somewhat ‘samey’ selection by creating unique wine blends matched by unique branding.


Working with agency Onfire Design, Artist and lettering expert Jo Tronc was tasked to bring Winston’s vision to life through a series of ‘hand rendered, fresh, loose, informal and UNTITLED’ labels.


Each label is layered with ideas and musings depicting Winston’s thoughts during the winemaking process. The words are joined by tape to represent his hands-on involvement. Ignoring wine category convention, the design team omitted lavish foils, embossing and embellishments to make a statement against the ‘uniformity of today’s wine industry‘.


Why untitled?

Part of the vision for the brand is that it will always be a work in progress – the blends will change slightly each season, depending on the availability of grapes and small changes to the recipe.


According to Onfire Design, a fixed name would not do justice to this process, so they settled on the name ‘Untitled’.



Untitled Wines



Onfire Design



2019 AGDA Awards
Finalist – Typogaphy for Design



Jo Tronc


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