Twinings – Asha Tea

New from Twinings, ASHA  is a range of Australian certified organic and Fairtrade teas that aim to be good for us and good for the planet.


‘My brief was to create hand rendered illustrations for the packaging that visually communicate the high level of care and craftsmanship of the ASHA range,’ said illustrator Jo Tronc. ‘Overall the illustrations were required to cue feelings of luxury, have a youthful appeal, and spark an emotional connection with the drinker through layers of depth, detail and discovery.’


Tea brand Twinings already occupies a premium space in the tea market, so the packaging design became all important in pitching the new ASHA range at a level above.


In order to clearly differentiate between flavours, each pack was required to have its own unique illustration visualising scenes inspired by nature. These scenes include the variant’s key ingredients, lush natural imagery, and colour palettes designed to create a variety of moods relating to the tea’s benefits.


Jo thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to create this series of images using ‘traditional’ means, working with pencils and pastel on paper before the images were digitised. 


‘I love the hand rendered and often unexpected images that result from working traditionally,’ says Jo. ‘The life it brings to the image and the spontaneity and non perfection really add to the finished product’.






Point 3 Design



2019 AGDA Awards
Finalist – Illustration for Design



Jo Tronc


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