The Cool Gardener

The Cool Gardener has a mission – to make it easy for everyone to enjoy tasty, nutritious, plant-based meals using home-grown Kiwi produce.


Tasked with developing the Cool Gardener character by design agency Curious, Daron Parton’s mission was to illustrate someone who would embody the ethos of the brand – wholesome, honest and helpful.


‘I had to move away from my usual cartoony style to create a more realistic looking character who would add a level of trustworthiness and integrity to the brand,’ explains Daron. ‘The gardener character also needed to represent the provenance of the ingredients and a connection to the land.’


For Daron, the most enjoyable part of the project was the collaboration he had with the creative team at Curious.


‘The pleasure from this type of job comes from more than just creating the work,’ says Daron. ‘It’s from the enjoyment of getting together to nut out a concept and direction. I really like being part of the thinking that’s involved in creating a brand.’


“We selected Daron Parton as the illustrator and through his beautiful, evocative linework, he has created a personality that is both engaging and genuine.”

Monique Robins, Curious Design



The Cool Gardener



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