Strongbow – Blossom Rosé Sparkling Apple Cider advertising

10Rococo style cherubs flit across the room making peace signs while carrying a basket laden with pink hued drinks.


Chic dinner party guests, oblivious to their rosie cheeked visitors, clink glasses while perfecting their pouts for the obligatory group selfie.


“I was asked to create a scene that would make viewers stop and think, something that would elevate this new brand away from Strongbow’s mainstream history,” said artist Joseph Qiu, who relished the opportunity to juxtapose modern themes and fashion with a classical illustration style.


Joseph’s poster and billboard artwork for Strongbow’s Blossom Rosé Sparkling Apple Cider certainly hit the brief – drawing you into the scene and making you take a deeper look. Let’s face it, it’s not every day you encounter imagery mixing Rococo and Baroque style in a modern context with a mythical flavour.


The project involved a lot of in depth research and the combined talents of a number of WMC artists. Before getting started, Joseph studied the works of the old masters including Hendrick van Balen, Nicolas Poussin and François Boucher. The initial idea was then conceptualised in a joint effort with Pawel Zawislak, before Anton Petrov was brought on board to fine tune the natural human interaction between the characters.


The new product aims to create growth and inject excitement back into the cider category.


Launched with a hashtag of #rathergrand across social media, we’re sure it will be the beverage to be seen with in selfies from the beaches to the bush this summer.






Clemenger BBDO Melbourne



2019 AGDA Awards
Distinction – Illustration for Design



Visualising & Artistic Direction
Anton Petrov



Joseph Qiu


Ph: +61 2 9380 6988


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