Streetwise Coffee Cups

Streetwise Coffee is one of New Zealand’s best known take away coffee franchises, with 22 mobile carts fuelling thousands of Kiwis across the country each day.


Streetwise were the first to incorporate a new generation of recyclable cups called RecycleMe™. Using an innovative mineral-based lining and a dedicated recycling programme, all cups returned to their bins will be recycled and transformed into new products up to 7 times.


Simon Shaw was briefed to create graphics for these innovative coffee cups that would have a fun, playful look, with a theme of ‘coffee as fuel’.


‘I decided to illustrate four different modes of transport using the cup shape within the idea,’ says Simon, who’s known for his conceptually powerful illustration style. ‘I liked the opportunity to find a hook which also worked back into the original idea of transport and coffee as fuel.’


According to Streetwise, they are currently working on a coffee bean that could make your Monday feel shorter. Not sure about the science behind it, but if that coffee bean could somehow shorten Monday and make Sundays longer, it’s time to buy shares in the company!




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