Spooky Nights

When Sea World needed five monster sized illustrations for their family friendly Spooky Nights Halloween events, Dave Follett wasted no time brewing up a range of ghoulish graphics that would terrify any lily-livered landlubber.


Dave was asked to make the graphics ‘cute but edgy’ to appeal to the family target audience. Already impressed with Dave’s illustration style, the client left it to Dave to build on the ideas provided in the brief and inject the artwork with his signature style which exudes energy and fun.


Some of the images were used in photo opportunity installations where visitors could stand between layers of artwork for a distinctive 3D effect.


Dave also created the graphics for activity boards which included ‘Walk-the-plank’, a top down view of a hole in a ship through to shark infested waters, and a quoits game with a Kraken backboard with eyes that would light up when players got rings on all the tentacles (the Kraken is an enormous, mythical sea monster).


This project had a super fast turnaround, for which Dave responded with rapid fire concept sketches, concept development via Photoshop and fast but flawless vector art ready for print. All in all, it was a paranormally smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.



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