Sky City – Informative Mural

The ticketing area inside Auckland’s Sky Tower plays host to some of the most gutsy, intrepid and some might say reckless humans on earth. At any one time a surprisingly spritely great grandfather may be lining up to celebrate his 90th birthday by edging around the Tower’s 192 metre high walkway, while a newly married couple prepares to celebrate their honeymoon by plummeting 192 metres off the tower at 85km an hour.


Watermark Creative’s Jo Tronc was briefed to create artwork for two large wall murals to decorate the Tower’s ticketing area, providing a point of interest for those venturesome visitors waiting to take the plunge.


The mural needed to include interesting facts and figures about the Tower’s attractions while being fun and engaging for all age groups, and clear to read from a distance.


This project is the largest output of type and illustrations I have worked on to date,” says Jo. “There were certain things that needed to be carefully considered such as the wall size, various existing structures and ease of viewing from where people are standing.”


Jo really enjoyed the challenge of coming up with a way to communicate such a variety of information in a single image.


“I love that visitors can now find out something fun and interesting in what would otherwise be a mundane situation – waiting in a line to purchase tickets. I hope it fills in the time and makes it a more pleasurable experience.”


We have also received great feedback from our client at SKYCITY.


“I found Jo very easy to work with, she understood our objective and was open to feedback. She then took that and put her own spin on the work to create something fabulous that has been very well received by all who see it. Thanks again for a job well done.”

Natalie Devcich, Art Director, SKYCITY Auckland



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