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To promote the launch of Skip Bus, a ‘cheaper, faster, funner’ way of getting around New Zealand’s North Island, Shannon Jahnel Lanktree was asked to create a range of skipping characters that would embody the brand’s playful identity.


Not only did Shannon get to use this delightful, skipping deer as her ‘muse’,  she had so much creative freedom to create wacky characters that even a bunny unicorn pooping eggs was signed off by agency Gunroom and client Intercity NZ for the brand’s Easter campaign.


I had a lot of fun illustrating these weird little creatures with horns and ears and the cheesiest and cutest of grins,” says Shannon, who was even more excited when she was asked to bring them to life as animations. “This was a super rewarding project because the illustration style is so fun and personal to me.”


Even thought she was given a fairly tight budget and time frame, Shannon managed to produce a wide variety of characters by creating a system whereby some of the character parts and animations could be recycled so that they didn’t have to be reanimated every time.


The animations can be seen on Skip Bus social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook, as well as billboards across the North Island.



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