Shepherd’s Ridge

Anton Petrov was briefed to illustrate this hauntingly beautiful stag’s head motif for the new Shepherd’s Ridge 2016 pinot noir.


The stag’s head was chosen as a focal point for the label in order to evoke a sense of history and a connection with the land. The illustration also includes elegantly interlaced grape vines as symbols of regeneration.


“For this piece of art, I was required to follow the natural aesthetic of the concept,” says Anton. “Therefore, the image was to be crafted to look like a black and white pencil drawing, even though it was created digitally.”


In order to achieve the analog pencil sketch look required, Anton undertook a lot of experimentation with photoshop brushes. He also took care to ensure that the image of the skull didn’t veer into macabre territory.


Anton thoroughly enjoyed working with the amazing designers and art directors at Curious, and immersing himself in the beautiful world of Shepherd’s Ridge.


“Looking for reference and drafting compositional sketches with an aim to create something elegant was incredibly enjoyable,” recalls Anton. “Working on this image reminded me of the times I used to escape outdoors with my pad and pencils when I was a kid, sitting amongst the trees and sketching their old branches.”



Shepherd’s Ridge






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