Ripples Chips

Eta’s Ripples chips was the chip brand people grew up with in New Zealand, but it had lost relevance with younger snack buyers, and was no longer the brand of choice in the chip aisle.


In order to bring life back into this iconic Kiwi chip brand and make it popular once more, the packaging and brand identity went through a complete relaunch. The updated packs include a lively set of illustrations crafted by Daron Parton, and a fun new tagline ‘The Kiwi Friend Chip’.


Each flavour variant has a different set of images, designed to capture a variety of familiar ‘friendship’ occasions. The result is fresh, modern and fun, commanding attention in the cluttered snack aisle.


“Daron’s stylised characters and their slightly exaggerated features combined with his modern yet natural illustration style worked in synergy with our bold graphic branding,” says design agency Unified Brands Auckland.






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