No Egos

This eye-poppingly colourful poster is one of four crafted by different Watermark Creative artists for digital agency Little Giant.


Little Giant briefed Pawel to create an image for an internal value poster reflecting the company’s selfless attitude and the idea that there’s no ‘I’ in team. It was an exciting brief for Pawel, who was able to go back to his favourite medium of pencil and sketch the image by hand. 


“These days I predominantly work digitally,” says Pawel, “So whenever I get a chance to go back to paper, it’s like going on vacation.”


Apart from the enjoyment of using a traditional medium, Pawel relished the chance to put forward conceptual ideas, and to see his concept develop through the subtle changes he made along the way. This strong graphic approach is one of Pawel’s signature styles, utilising a distressed texture to give depth to the image.

“When working with Watermark Creative to bring our company’s brand values to life, we gave them creative license to communicate each value using visual, artistic storytelling. What we got back was a beautifully crafted series of artworks that sit proudly on the walls of the company and inspire everyone that walks into the business.”

Aaron Turk, Creative Director, Little Giant



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Aaron Turk, Simon Shaw



Pawel Zawislak


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