Nestlé – Milky Bar Splash

The chocolate aisle is full of treats that make chocolate lovers go weak at the knees, so packaging becomes immensely important when trying to sway decisions at the point of purchase.


Watermark Creative’s Courtney Hopkinson was approached by agency The Key Branding to create a delicious hyper-real white chocolate splash and ingredient imagery for a Nestle Milky Bar packaging refresh designed to make chocolate lovers stop in their tracks.


Starting with sketches, Courtney explored different splash crown shapes and thicknesses. Once the sketch was approved, the 3D forms were roughed out in Cinema 4D before moving to sculpting in ZBrush, a digital sculpting tool that combines 3D modelling, texturing and painting.


To take the imagery to the next level, Courtney then moved back to Cinema 4D to add realistic texturing and lighting before rendering with Octane Render and adding final processing touches with Adobe Photoshop.


“The inclusions for the different SKUs were key to each flavour and were the most time intensive part of the image work,” explained Courtney.


After all of those different processes have been applied, you end up with a devastatingly tempting chocolate splash that makes you want to strip down and dive right in.






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