My Monster Friends

Everybody needs a monster in their portfolio, don’t they? How a creative views and interprets a monster can be a pretty telling window into the mind.


With that said, Stevie Mahardhika recently embarked on a personal project to bring his own monster friends to life, and they could just be some of the friendliest monsters you’ll ever encounter.


“I’ve always been inspired by the story and the illustrations from Maurice Sendak’s classic Where the Wild Things Are,” shares Stevie. “I wanted to explore a bit of an illustration series on how children interact with their own imaginary friend or monster. That’s why there’s no scary ones, they’re all there to accompany them and keep them safe.”


To get things started on this series, Stevie began by sketching random shapes of what the monsters might look like. Based on what emerged, he then figured out how each monster might interact with their own little human friend.


Stevie has gotten a lot of personal joy out of creating this series and intends to continue it. As a bonus, he also received an illustration merit award nomination from the 3×3 Professional Show 16 under Self-Promotion, which was the first award he has received for this competition after many years of entering.



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