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Currently 500 million dogs worldwide are homeless. Pedigree Petfoods are making it their mission to put an end to this harrowing statistic by campaigning heavily for pet adoption, and addressing the inherent challenges that lie at the core of the traditional adoption model where people look for a particular type of dog, rather than waiting to meet the dog that’s right for them. This results in 20% of dogs being returned to shelters.


The MyHooman app is Tinder for dogs and humans, managed by people who run dog-shelters. A fun profile builder collects user life-style data and feeds it through an intelligent algorithm that matches dogs with compatible adopters, with an aim to matching dogs to the human that best suits their needs.


Shannon Jahnel Lanktree and David Way worked closely with agency Colenso BBDO to bring their vision for MyHooman to life. Shannon’s playful illustration style was a perfect match for the initiative, while David’s technical expertise ensured that goals could be achieved in the simplest and most effective way possible.


In MyHooman’s first month, over 50% of New Zealand shelters signed up. Within the first few weeks, 590 animal profiles were viewed 33,922 times and 10 adoptions were processed. A very paws-itive result!



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Best Design Awards 2021
Finalist – User Experience


Best Design Awards 2021
Finalist – Digital Products



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Shannon Jahnel Lanktree


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