Mr Pickles Brand Illustrations

The brief:

To create a suite of illustrations that could be used across all collateral for a new relaxed bar and eatery called Mr Pickles, which prides itself on its ever changing menu.


The brainstorm:

Focused around celebrating some of the owners’ favourite foods and key menu items, and landed on the idea of a holy pickle and a salami floating on a cloud!


The result:

A colourful illustrative identity that invites diners to dive into the tangy pickle jar and enjoy the feast, without taking the dining experience too seriously.


We wanted the illustrations to reflect the unique, quirky personality of the owners and the fun culture of the restaurant,” says illustrator Loryn Engelsman who worked on the project with design agency Designwell. “I really enjoyed the collaboration with the designers. They had some great initial ideas and let me run loose with my sketches and thoughts. They also involved me in a lot of the initial design meetings with the client so that I could really understand the vision for the restaurant.”


Many of the illustrations needed to be used on menus as well as engraved into wood, screen printed onto t-shirts and cut from vinyl for windows, so the illustrations had to be quite simple in their detail. For this reason, Loryn used simple lines with no texture.


“Designwell also suggested the idea of illustrating a pickle jar representing the various things that happen at the restaurant. So…I drew all the various things that can happen at Mr Pickles, such as people relaxing in the pickle juice, diving into the jar, having a date, and even a live band in a pickle jar.”


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