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Located in the Hawke’s Bay area of New Zealand’s North Island, Moana Park is a highly awarded boutique winery with a focus on low allergen, preservative-free winemaking.


Zoe Gillett was briefed by Supply Design to create a set of images to be used across the estate’s new varietal range, as part of a wider brand refresh.


The images tell the story of the sea creatures that would have inhabited the local area, prior to the 1931 Napier earthquake that raised the surrounding land from the ocean. Set against a backdrop of the iconic hill that borders the winery today, a majestic whale breaches above the waves, an octopus raises its tentacles, and a noble looking seahorse appears atop of the hill.


Key to the brief was ensuring that each of the giant sea creatures appeared friendly rather than foreboding. This was achieved by adjusting the colours and giving the eyes a look of geniality and approachability. The end result is a beautifully cohesive range that brings out the unique story of the winery’s location and their pioneering ‘lo-fi’ approach to wine making.



Moana Park Winery


Design and Art Direction
James Duthie, Supply Design


Zoe Gillett


Supply Design


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