Magic Box

The aim of Magic Box’s collection of wines is to take the drinker into a world ‘where sipping is believing’, and to reconnect us to the magic of life that surrounds us every day, by allowing us to take a break from our frantic routines.


Agency Key Branding briefed Trevor Powell to create imagery for the brand’s broad range of Australian wines, which include a ‘spectacular’ shiraz, ‘amazing’ cabernet, ‘wondrous’  chardonnay and ‘remarkable’ rose, among others.


The naming and graphic cues have been designed to lead millennials through the mystical world of wine, which can be very daunting to new drinkers. Trevor’s detailed woodcut-style illustration of the master winemaker as the ‘magician’ is surrounded by mystical imagery and symbols, intertwined with ingredients and flavours that can be found in each varietal.


Woodcut is an old publishing style which was often used to produce advertising posters and billboards, and which enables the printer to achieve maximum definition in restricted printing situations. Line weights and spaces are carefully controlled to minimise fill in and dropout problems. Trevor has become well known for his ability to create illustrations in woodcut style over the years. For this piece of artwork, every line has been hand drawn and carefully crafted using a pen tool and tablet in Photoshop.



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