Mad Goose Packaging

How do you encourage people to take a gander at your new drinks brand and entice them to duck off to their next party with a case load in their esky?


Build it around a mad goose hunting for full on, hard-hitting flavours.


Elise Martinson was briefed to create the central illustration for the new brand’s packaging – a mad goose with a gaggle of attitude.


“The artwork needed to be vector and be comprised of a limited colour palette and minimum line weight so that it would be suitable for the can printing process,” says Elise, who delights in any opportunity to illustrate animal subjects for a project. She very much enjoyed researching angry geese, who’s serrated beaks, can be “quite terrifying”.


Elise was able to draw on a childhood experience when crafting this wild looking duck.


“I was attacked by a mother duck at a park when I was little. I couldn’t resist giving one of her babies a cuddle, so she gave me a bite on the earlobe. I learned then how fierce small waterfowl can be.”


Elise believes that a lot of people have a certain fondness for creatures that are both charming and intimidating and hopes that the illustration draws people in for a closer look at this firequacker of a product.



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