Little Island Coconut Creamery

Samuel Sakaria’s Polynesian patterns add provenance to this ethically sourced brand


The humble, hairy coconut has such a lot to offer – revitalising water, nourishing flesh, and a shell that can double as a bowl. It’s a tropical superfood that seems to be taking over the world.


When DNA Design were tasked with refreshing the Little Island Coconut Creamery’s brand to better align the range and provide a platform for growth, highlighting the Samoan origins of the brand’s main ingredient became a key focus. Artist Samuel Sakaria, who grew up on the South Pacific island of Tokelau, was a perfect choice for bringing the strategy to life through illustration.


“Growing up in the Pacific Islands and also being exposed to a wide range of Polynesian cultural patterns while living in New Zealand helped to enrich the designs,” said Samuel, who really enjoyed the creative freedom he was given during the project.


Samuel worked closely with DNA Design’s creative director Phil Dunstan to build a somewhat mathematical structure into the artwork to ensure the patterns would work well for their end application.


“The range sold really well into retail after the packaging redesign, as there was suddenly a unified presence right across the store. The Pacifica pattern helped to denote the provenance of the product and reinforce the fact it comes from traceable sources.”

Phil Dunstan Brown – Creative Director DNA Design


See more of Samuel’s artwork on his portfolio page.



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