Little Giant – Tell it Like it is

This frighteningly fun poster is one of four created for Aaron Turk and Becca O’Shea at digital agency Little Giant.


Little Giant briefed Simon to create an image for an internal value poster using the statement “Tell it like it is”. It had to convey being confident, speaking your mind, raising the flag and asking for help in tough times.


The client wanted a bright image using pink, which is also found in the Little Giant branding.


“I worked closely with Aaron and Becca to develop this visual, with the fire idea moving from an outdoor image to the head of a smaller character, which connected the two characters and highlighted a focus on team work,” explains Simon. 


You can see some of Simon’s initial ideas and concepts in the sketches included under the poster.


“When working with Watermark Creative to bring our company’s brand values to life, we gave them creative license to communicate each value using visual, artistic storytelling. What we got back was a beautifully crafted series of artworks that sit proudly on the walls of the company and inspire everyone that walks into the business.”

Aaron Turk, Creative Director, Little Giant



Little Giant



Little Giant



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