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“[Creating art] is like composing a song or a melody. The notes already exist and they are seven. The hardest part is putting them together and finding a proper balance between the music and the silence, between harmony and melody.”

Federico Babina


Finding the ‘proper balance’ that makes a piece of design, art or advertising really sing takes perseverance and passion, but it also brings great joy and gratification. This lavish piece of intricate typography in paper quilling style was crafted by Jo Tronc (lettering) and Courtney Hopkinson (3D/rendering). Framed as a poster, it hangs on the wall of agency Little Giant to remind the team of the rewards that come from carefully crafting something.


“The idea behind the image was to convey a feeling of harmony and creative love – the passion, patience and curiosity engaged when crafting a piece of art,” says Jo. “To achieve this I incorporated subtle visual imagery and added decorative elements around and within the typographic lockup. I explored different dimensions throughout the piece, sticking to a muted colour palette in shades of whites and neutrals. I carefully considered the interaction and the relationship between the type and the secondary objects to ensure that the final piece was sensitively balanced.”



Little Giant



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Courtney Hopkinson


Jo Tronc


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