Kelp Party

Have you ever wondered what would it be like to party all night in a kelp forrest? To rave alongside undulating blades, while being rocked into a state of photosynthesis?


Zoe Gillett was briefed to create imagery for a limited release craft beer called ‘Kelp Party’, which required her to take her imagination to the mystical underwater world of Ecklonia. This is where the Ecklonia Radiata kelp throw the annual ‘Great Kelp Party’ to celebrate this unique brew.


The beer has been described as tart yet sessionable, with a ‘fruity seaweed sour’ taste and a ‘smooth salinity rounding out the mouthfeel’. Zoe has done a wonderful job of bringing the party to life, drawing on inspiration from the Coromandel beaches (where the Blue Fridge Brewery resides) and classic summer beach party vibes.



Blue Fridge Brewery



Zoe Gillett


Placed 5th in the GABS Top 10 Craft Beer Design Awards


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