Kell & Rigby – 100 Year Mural

To celebrate 100 years in business for building company Kell & Rigby, Pawel Zawislak was briefed to bring to illustrate five scenes. Each scene needed to depict a different decade of the Kell & Rigby business, creating one cohesive, panoramic image when brought together.


With little knowledge of the history of the building industry in Australia, Pawel started the project by researching imagery from the different periods.


“I began my research by digging into old propaganda illustrations and news stories of the ‘30s and ‘40s, in which labor work was praised and appreciated,” recalls Pawel, who says that the most challenging part of the project was ensuring a smooth transition between the scenes, or decades.


“I had to consider the way the entire scene would come together at a very early stage, ensuring that everything matched on completion. I worked on the five parts separately, and once they were finished, I flattened them and pasted onto one panoramic canvas.”



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Pawel Zawislak


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