Karma Cola – Good Karma

Fair Trade brand Karma Cola uses cola nuts ethically sourced from a small village in Sierra Leone. The word ‘karma’ came from an idea the three founders had about forming a company to find ingredients that were good for the land, good for the people who grow them and good for the people consume them.


Watermark Creative artist Joseph Qiu was briefed by Karma Cola to create illustrations for the brand’s Christmas campaign, which was run in the London Underground. Joseph did an amazing job of capturing the character and festive spirit of Chief Hindowa Kamara, Chief of one of the villages that grow and farm Karma Cola’s Cola Nut.


While photographic reference was supplied, Joseph was able to use his knowledge of facial expressions to incorporate small adjustments in order to enhance the image for integration into the campaign, like opening Chief Kamara’s mouth slightly so he looks like he’s just about to take a sip of cola. His understanding of the importance of lighting is a key component to the success of his portrait work.


The brand has become a global ‘feel good’ success. Chris Morrison, one of Karma Drinks’ founding members was recognised in New Zealand’s 2021 New Year Honours list, which recognises Kiwis who have served the community and achieved great things.


To date the fund has been used to support farming communities in 8 villages in Sierra Leone and producers around the world. It’s helped to build 3 bridges, provided bursaries for 133 girls to go to school and established a revolving fund that has invested in more than 50 local entrepreneurs.



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