Kākāpō – New Zealand Bird of the Year

The Kākāpō is a large, ground-dwelling bird native to New Zealand. Also known as owl parrot, the kākāpō is critically-endangered. All of the 197 known living adults are named and tagged and confined to four small islands off the coast of New Zealand that have been cleared of predators.


Watermark Creative was briefed to illustrate a Kākāpō for Bennetto Natural Foods Co’s Original Dark ‘Bird of the Year’ packaging. All profits from the purchase of the product go directly to New Zealand conservation organisation Forest & Bird to aid in Kākāpō conservation efforts.


Pawel Zawislak, known for his beautifully detailed pencil drawings, drew the base image from a reference photo of a fine-feathered Kākāpō named Hugh. The image was then vibrantly coloured and prepared for handover to agency One Design by  Phill Small.




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