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Hillfarrance is a seed fund company investing in New Zealand startups, named after founder Rob Vickery’s British ancestral village. The organisation is committed to treating founders as clients and prides itself on being transparent, ensuring that all the small print is understandable.


Creative agency Method briefed Daron Parton to create an illustrative identity that exuded warmth, accessibility and uniqueness. In order to convey these brand values, the style needed to have a textured, freehand look.


“Rob loves the outdoors, as well as talking and listening, and he wanted that to come across in the work,” says Daron, who used years of experience creating editorial work to hone his conceptual thinking for this project. “The first image I created captures this passion along with the brand’s warmth and accessibility through an image of speech bubbles and thought clouds rising from a campfire.”


According to Daron, the blue and yellow images represent Rob’s philosophy of listening, guidance and nurturing, while the purple and pink coloured images illustrate his desire to encourage small AI start-ups.


“I wanted to keep the imagery as simple as possible in order to represent the transparency and accessibility of the organisation,” shares Daron.


Each of the images can be separated and used across any communications medium,  creating a graphic ‘tool box’ for the brand.









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