The Free Store is an organisation that recycles leftover food from restaurants and cafes around Wellington, New Zealand, and gives it to people in need.


When Wellington brewery Garage Project created a beer to promote The Free Store at a one off event, illustrator Anna Johnstone was brought on board to create an eye catching and fun tap handle for the promotion.


“I wanted to find a way to incorporate some of the food the Free Store distributes in an abstract but relatable way,” said Anna, when asked how she came up with the idea for the character. “I was watching the cartoon ‘Amazing World of Gumball’ at the time and was inspired to create something as aesthetically fun and eye catching as the show, who’s characters are often abstract but also literal representations of objects from real life.”


‘Mish Mash’ is a beer that is just that – a mish mash of unusual ingredients that you might not ordinarily find in a beer. The Garage Project incorporate leftovers donated by like minded Wellington businesses into the brew, with all proceeds donated to The Free Store. According to The Garage Project, previous brews have included leftovers from Wellington Chocolate Factory, People’s Coffee and Fix & Fogg Peanut Butter. The 2018 Mish Mash brew incorporated leftover bagels!


An enjoyable project from the outset, feedback about the design was very positive and the event was a super success. Cheers to that!




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