H-E-B Creamy Creations Ice Cream

Yulia Vysotskaya was briefed by US based grocery chain H-E-B to create illustrations for a new flavour variant for their Creamy Creations ice cream range.


The flavour, called honey sopapilla, is nothing less than a taste bud fiesta. It combines the sweet sensations of cinnamon ice cream with a honey swirl, along with pieces of sopapilla, a Mexican fried pastry dessert.


The inspiration for the illustration style was taken from the traditional Mexican Otomi embroidery style, which commonly features florals and animals represented in bold, vibrant colours. Yulia has done a fantastic job of reflecting the unique energy of this exciting Mexican-inspired flavour through her colourful imagery. In fact one online reviewer calling himself Taco Jo noted enthusiastically that ‘It’s colourful, the bears are adorable, it has Mexican design influences, and South Texas design influences and it tells you exactly what this product is…This ice cream transported me back to being a 3rd grader whose mom wanted to stay talking with her friends for another hour so she ordered me a plate of hot sticky sweet sopapillas.”




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Yulia Vysotskaya


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