It’s a given fact that no matter what you’ve had for dinner, there’s always room for jelly!


Daron Parton was briefed to illustrate a range of playful scenes for an advertising campaign for Gregg’s Jelly. The images depict three fierce yet endearing creatures who, after gorging themselves on local prey du jour, are still considering topping off dinner with a plate of jelly.


The characters are brought to life through a focus on subtle elements such as the look of ecstasy in the snake’s eyes, the bear’s tongue squeezing into the jelly and the lion’s vain attempt to lick his treasured treat. Daron spent some time exploring just how expansive the bellies should be and how tight the skins should fit around the gluttonous animals, with the end result being a look of somewhat grotesque but well-deserved satisfaction. 


Daron’s illustrations were sent jiggling around on buses, quivering across billboards and having a jolly good time lightening up the packaging as part of the overall brand campaign.


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Gregg’s Jelly



FCB New Zealand



2016 3×3 International Illustration Awards ~ Merit



Daron Parton


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