Gorilla Burgers

Gorilla Burger is a Wellington based burger joint that offers mouthwatering burgers any Silverback would beat his chest for.


Our resident primatologist Blair Sayer hand crafted the restaurant’s logo based on a brief from Ocean Design to create something ‘cool and graphic in simple black and white’.


Blair has worked with the team at Ocean Design for the past 20 years, and was stoked when the opportunity came up. After exploring an impressive range of personable primates with cheeky grins, he also created the logo’s hand drawn type.


Blair tells us that a necessary part of the project involved sampling some of their now famous burgers, as well as introducing their amazing tater-tots to some friends.


Gorilla Burger supports the gorilla conservation organisation gorillafund.org.



Gorilla Burgers



Ocean Design



Blair Sayer


Mbl: +61 434 266 782


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