Game Change

Game Change is a project that tells the story of three different people who work and play in the world of games. Each story is told in a uniquely interactive way that involves a mix of game design, interactive design, illustration, animation and video.


Game Change’s creators wanted the public to get a feel and appreciation for what interactive media can do. As such, this project uses the innovative design, language, and mechanics of video games but applies them to traditional journalistic storytelling.


The stories let the audience have a say in their outcomes – whether it be following the journey of one of the country’s up-and-coming video game designers, or helping a young single mum balance her family life with being a professional ‘streamer’ that broadcasts her gameplay to the world. The project also features the story of Humphrey Hanley, who was born with a rare condition that means he no longer has any hands. By 3D scanning Humphrey and turning him into a video game character, the story touches on how games can open up entire worlds and communities, especially for those that are living with disabilities.


Game Change brings together designers, developers, animators, illustrators, videographers, 3D modelers, and journalists to create a unique interactive project.



Shannon Jahnel Lanktree


Shannon Jahnel Lanktree


Executive Producer
Charles Anderson


Interactive Director
Allan Walker


3D Director
Myles Montgomery


3D Artist
Jacob Barrow


Josh Morrice


Interactive Audio Design
Dylan Galletly


Interactive Development
Arpo Deer


WebGL Development
Tim Konieczny


Producer & Additional Reporting
Lee Henaghan


Research & Testing
Hannah Spyksma


Tim Burnell, Kay Ellmers


Ashen Stills & Gameplay Footage
Courtesy of A44



Webby Awards 2020
Honoree – Websites: Best Individual Editorial Feature – Media Company


3×3 Mag 2020
Honorable Mention – Self Promotion






Game Change Documentary

Webby Awards



Animator & Illustrator
Shannon Jahnel Lanktree

Mbl: +64 27 200 7352


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