Cadbury – Furry Friends

When asked to illustrate a range of native Aussie and Kiwi animals for the refresh of Cadbury’s Furry Friends packaging, WMC artist Anton Petrov only had to walk out to his garden for inspiration.


‘I see a lot of kangaroos and echidnas around our property,’ says Anton, who lives in Yarram, a small country town in Victoria. ‘There was actually an echidna in our garden around the time of working on this project, but he wasn’t all that friendly. I tried to film it’s face to use as inspiration but it would just curl up every time I got close to it.


We resorted to holding the camera a little bit further away and followed as it walked across the lawn and into the bushes.’


Anton has done a superb job of updating this classic antipodean childhood treat. His modern, stylised illustrations bring a new level of detail and charm to each design.






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