Funeral For My Past

While the title may sound melancholy, indie-folk singer/songwriter Liz Longley’s album ‘Funeral for my Past’ has been described as cozy and heartwarming.


The album title and fourth track, Funeral for my Past, actually celebrates Liz letting go of her past and moving forward happily.


Zoe Gillett’s dynamic floral illustrations for the album’s cover were designed to be reflective of a funeral, but are imbued with colour and optimism to represent the album’s heartwarming music.


Zoe sketched up a number of initial concepts by hand using only a pencil, listening along to the album for inspiration as she worked. Once chosen, the final illustration was completed digitally using photoshop and a Wacom tablet. Zoe used a digital ink brush to create the fluid, detailed linework and an oil brush for the colour work.


The cover is a departure from Longley’s previous five albums, which featured photography. It was fully funded through Kickstarter, which enabled Liz to move away from her existing label and release the album on her own terms.


See more of Zoe’s work here.


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