Food Truck Mural


When New Zealand street food brand – ‘Food for the People’ – approached us about a project we were understandably excited about the opportunity to tell its story.

Asked to create an illustration for their food trucks that could capture customers’ attention, we set out to pictorially represent the brand and the locally sourced ingredients used in the burgers which have developed a reputation as a mainstay in New Zealand street food culture.

Founders Greg Churcher and Paul Sellars wanted ‘Food for the People’ to stand out at market events and festivals when in the company of other food trucks and to effectively promote the brand in a fun and engaging way. Working with Greg was an absolute joy. Friendly, passionate and hardworking – we wanted all these qualities to come through in the artwork.

Anna Johnstone’s illustrations tapped into her childhood, countryside memories visiting friends’ farms. “I really wanted to capture that scenery and environment in a fun way that could retell the story about where the ingredients for Greg and Paul’s food comes from. I hope it conveys the brand’s true give back – ‘Food for the People’ from the people.”

The artwork has been received very positively from the client, friends and family as well as from customers visiting to buy the food. The isometric, all-over pattern required some work to ensure all visuals linked together with the end-result offering new things each time it’s seen with fresh eyes.

Food For the People (FFTP)


Anna Johnstone


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