Five Little Ducks

What happened when 5 Little Ducks waddled off to school for the very first time? There were a few trips back home for forgotten school books and water bottles, but overall they had a quacking good time!


In this back to school illustrated songbook, Stevie Mahardhika worked with author Peter Millett to give this feathery tale a colourful new spin.


“Creating the five little ducklings was very enjoyable, especially as there were no definitive character briefs,” says Stevie, who was given a broad scope to create a different duckling for each of five different personalities.


When sketching out the ideas early on, Stevie took a little bit of inspiration from real life. This included an idea for an eccentric art teacher, which he loosely based around one of his university teachers and a woman he met at a publishing event.


In usual fashion, Stevie has done a fantastic job of bringing this energetic sing-a-long story to life, crafting cute and engaging characters that capture a child’s attention.


Not long after starting work on the book, Stevie found out that he was going to be a father for the first time. With a release date close to the baby’s due date, Stevie dedicated the book “For my own future little duckling”.



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