Fantasy of Paris

Alexandre de Paris is a French boutique that has been renowned for selling luxury hair accessories for over 50 years.


Nozomi Yuasa was asked to create a range of animations to be used on social media to promote the brand over the holiday season. Her animations were inspired by the film “The Secret World of Arietty”, about a tiny girl who secretly lives with her family in another family’s house and enjoys exploring every corner. Nozomi created a series of fantasy-style images, showing a young girl exploring the boutique and the surrounding Parisian streets.


Each background was hand-drawn, while the young girl was drawn digitally on Nozomi’s iPad. This mixed-media animation successfully incorporates the brand’s whimsical and elegant style, and showcases Nozomi’s ability to create enchanting, contemporary imagery that exudes elegance and sophistication.



Alexandre de Paris



Nozomi Yuasa


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