After creating the characters for the re-brand of ETA Chips, Daron Parton was a natural choice to illustrate a new set of characters for the re-design of the Eta Crunches product.


The updated pack design falls into line with the brand’s new ‘Feed the friendship essence’, which is brought to life on pack via imagery of people enjoying the products in a variety of social occasions. For the Crunches packs, Daron was tasked with creating a set of images that would showcase each flavour in all its delicious glory, ensuring that there was plenty of room for the stack of crackers to have pride of place.


Friends volley a tennis ball to each other on the cheese and onion pack, while a two mates put their feet up on the smokey BBQ pack. In true Parton style, each image is imbued with a splash of playful fun.


The illustrations successfully bring to life the joy of the shared Crunches moment, while leaving plenty of space to showcase the delightfully crunchy crackers.






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